Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorships at Playerocity are designed to benefit players while enhancing your business profile with a wide assortment of marketing benefits. We have created a tier-structured Corporate Sponsorship Program to allow multilevel engagement and provide unique and beneficial experiences to match your marketing goals and objectives.


Every single level of Corporate Sponsorship entails a player scholarship, directly benefiting players with a college tuition scholarship, club scholarship, equipment scholarship, or travel scholarship. The scholarship will be named after the Corporate Sponsor and advertise the scholarship throughout the system directly to the players. The scholarships will be of high visibility to the players of course, but also to all of the parents, coaches, and club administrators giving a high level of exposure to the enabling corporation. These sponsorships help us achieve our vision of enabling players with this free service giving the tools to play soccer at the next level!


To learn more, please view our Corporate Sponsorship Program.

Below, you will find example banner types, sizes, and locations offered as advertising locations in our Corporate Sponsorship Program.

Content Banner: A rotating banner with the highest traffic and visibility, directly above the main content of page (468x60).

Left Sidebar Banner: A rotating, full-length, vertical graphic/video banner (120x600).


Bottom Banner: A rotating, horizontal graphic/video banner directly below main content (728x90).